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Whether you prefer to learn something new in a small group or alone.  Redflaggolf can offer a wide choice of tailor made courses, all specfic to certain areas of your golf game. All our group lessons are available throughout the whole year and you can either create your own group or let us know and we'll help to find others to practice with you.

All the group lessons below are 5 x 90 minutes and can be planned to meet your (and your groups) time constraints. In order to train efficiently there is a maximum pro-student ratio of 1:4

The experience of the group is taken into consideration and the level instruction  will match your abilities. The use of the most modern teaching technology available assists your improvement.


  • Short to Long
  • Fit for Golf
  • Putt like a Pro
  • Pioneer Golf


Short to long -  Our most popular groups course. This 'back to basics' programme begins by calibrating your short game using Trackman and quickly helps to develop your long game technique. Ideal for Spring training in order to be ready for the new golfing season. The following points are covered in the programme;

  • Fundaments of the short game setup
  • From 15 to 50 metre distance control
  • Learn how to spin the ball with Trackman
  • Advanced bunker techniques
  • Increase Driver distance with spin loft exercises


Fit4Golf - For the serious golfer looking to 'go the extra mile' to improve or the player looking to hit the ball further this is the ideal course. Working together with a Redflaggolf physiotherapist we will design you a programme dedicated to improving your ability to make an effective golf swing. Alongside your physical/ mobility plan we will work with technology normally only used by the worlds best players such as K-Vest, Trackman and Pressure Plates to aid your improvement. The following points are covered in Fit4golf;

  • TPI Assesment with physiotherapist inclusive workout plan with mytpi
  • Learn to strike the ball more consistently
  • Guaranteed increased distance
  • Understanding the body-swing relationship
  • Re-assesment and goal setting with Physio/ Golf Professional


Putt like a Pro - The quickest and easiest way to improve your handicap is to work on your putting. Most golfers are unaware of how they should practice putting effectively and this programme will help you to understand what all great putters do on the green. You will also be aided by the SAM Puttlab, the most accurate putting measuring and training device on the market This programme guarentees results! Topics covered in Putt like a Pro; 

  • Putter fitting with SAM puttlab
  • Setup and Aim
  • Understanding distance control
  • How to read and play breaking greens with use of Vector/ Aimpoint
  • The most effective drills and exercises to improve your putting quickly


Pioneer Golf - Making the right decisions on the golf course is paramount as your handicap improves. Modern golf course designs demand that you are able to play a variety of different shots from different positions if you want to succeed. Our Pioneer course is designed to help you do the right things to navigate the course. This programme is a combination of driving range and on-course training. You will never look at  the golf course the same way again! Topics covered include: 

  • Useful shots for awkward lies
  • Shape the ball for better position
  • Plan your hole to improve your handicap
  • Playing effectively from the rough
  • The right club at the right time and better pre-shot routines



No. of persons: Price per person:
1 € 325 (5 x 60 minutes)
2 € 275
3 € 200
4 € 150

If you are would like more information or wish to register for one of the group programmes please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible:

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